Friday, June 8, 2012


Yes, there is a new designer drug epidemic that is sweeping the nation.  It's called Bath Salts -- and no, it's not the kind your pour into the bath for a soothing warm soak.  No, this is a chemical compound devised and sold as a bath salt that is actually snorted by drug users.

There are numerous chemicals that can be combined to make this toxic drug, most of them are chemical stimulants.  Three have been banned by the DEA, but street chemists can whip up a batch of it using a dozens of different combinations.

Police are are stymied by this new problem.  Why?  Well, because the drugs effects cannot be tested for in the body and the only way to know if someone is high on them is if they tell you.  People taking this drug can suffer from acute paranoia, increased body temperature, vivid hallucinations and a strange super strength not seen since the naked days of PCP and Angel Dust in the seventies.  

You know?  When someone would take it, whip off all of their clothes and climb a tree or jump off a building?  Well, bath salts appear to cause the same phenomenon.  People lose their shit while on this drug.  

You know the naked guy on the freeway underpass that was shot to death because he wouldn't stop eating the face of a naked homeless guy lying next to him?  

That was bath salts.  No joke.

Cops say it can take up to fifteen officers to safely take down someone on this drug.  If you shoot them will a tazer, they just pull them out and keep charging at you. 

It is ironic that this stupid drug is named after something that is supposed to help calm and soothe the body and mind.  What next?


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