Sunday, November 27, 2011


Unnamed law enforcement sources have been quoted as saying that Lindsay Lohan is finally taking her probation sentence seriously. Why is this news?

It never ceases to amaze me that a person's bad behavior can be so consistently dismal that when they do something normal like follow directions, the world goes apeshit. The "new normal" is a phrase that comes to mind. It's also a way of lowering the bar. If people like Lindsay Lohan and presidential hopeful Rick Perry didn't make a career out of fucking up, then people wouldn't fall all over themselves when they simply don't screw up.

Thirty years ago, people like Lindsay Lohan would have dropped off the map and we would hear about her death in the paper and think. "Hmm. I also wondered what happened to her.."

Instead, we get a blow by blow report on every aspect of their meltdown. It's not because we care about her. We want to see her continue to descend to a tragic death. We want the dirt, the blood and the details. We're waiting anxiously for the report that she went on a bender, crashed a car, killed a pedestrian and overdoses while barricaded in her run down motel room in Azusa.


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