Thursday, March 22, 2012


The NONONONO Cat meme is an immediate crowd pleaser.  This thing is a juggernaut, why?  I'll tell you.  Because it's a cat video and it features a feline that speaks the word NO over and over and over.  It's as if no one is listening to this poor guy so he has to repeat himself.  It has a high replay value and has endless spinoffs.  

There are autotuned versions, movie and music video mashups versions and the list goes on.  It's exactly the kind of thing to have at the ready so when someone asks you if you can do something for them you can push the play button and hear. NONONONONONO.  

Before you explore the spin-offs, enjoy the original unadulterated NONONONO Cat video.  For the uncontrollable belly laughs to come -- you're welcome.

This auto-tuned version is great.  It's a no frills version and stays true to the spirit of the original NONONONO Cat video.  Others, you will find, do not.  


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