Friday, March 23, 2012


If there is one thing about the post office that make my blood boil -- it's this.  Sure, our mail carriers are fairly consistent, but any time I have to go to the post office to send a package or do any kind of business with them, the experience makes me want to take a hostage.  

Why?  Is it because there is a line?  No, not really.  The line is a symptom of the real problem, not the cause.  The problem is that postal clerks behind the glass move at a snail's pace.  They have no sense of urgency at all.  I have never seen a single clerk hustle to clear the line.  It's as if they are trained to act this way.  It's as though they have an agreement that they don't have to rush -- that customer service is not in the job description.
The people that are in a rush are their customers.  They just want someone to show some signs of life.  Something that tells us they know we are in a hurry and that they are here to help us.  Instead, we get an intentional slow down.  

Customer service is the last thing in this country we have left to sell and we continually let that product slip through our fingers.  

I think we can all agree that it's a blessing that we get mail delivered to us on a daily basis.  The system is not without problems, but it's consistent.  Then we hear funding for the U.S. Postal Service is being cut and there is talk that our local post offices may be closing.  EEEK!

Then we feel a small panic about it.  Not because we care about snail mail, but because it's such an American institution that the mere idea of it crumbling makes us wonder if the country is collapsing from under our feet.  

I think the U.S. Postal Service should continue, but if they are going to survive, they're going to need an overhaul in their attitude toward their customers.  


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