Friday, April 13, 2012


The newest and brightest star in the mobile phone application world is Draw Something.  A simple program that allows you to try and draw something the application suggests to you.  

The question many people seem to have is.  "Why do I suck?"

Well, it's probably not your fault.  Most people play the game on their smart phones, but some people use their ipads and employ a stylus to draw with more accuracy and precision.  Of course, their drawings are more detailed and to some extent, show off more than draw.  

The more detail you use, the easier it is for the player to guess what you have drawn, but I think it's the lame stick figure drawings that make the game more fun.  What is the least amount of information you can  get away with for someone to guess your drawing correctly.  

If you are asked to draw rapper Ice Cube, you could render a detailed drawing from his NWA years that would leave no doubt or you could simply draw an ice cube.  

Next time, you feel like you suck at Draw Something, just remember you're finger painting.  It's not supposed to be perfect.  Try telling these folks, though...


  1. This is the best game ever. And thanks for saying my crappy crappy drawings make it more fun. What I lack in drawing skill I make up for in cleverness and humor. :)

  2. Lovely drawings, the Beckham one is most definitely not made on Draw Something, though. It's a lovely drawing, don't get me wrong, but the obvious use of opacity brushes makes it obvious it's made on a different program.

    1. Well, if you look at the colour pallette, the person has a lot of shades of gray, so... not too hard to do in that case.