Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Imagine an application that could record every movement made by your mouse or keypad.  Then, it could display it for you -- and in the process -- translate your patterns of activity into artistic expression.  Well, you don't have to imagine it.  It's here...

It's called a Mouse Movement Map and it's the brainchild of Anatoly Zenkov and Andrey Shipilov.  With this application (called IOGraph) you can tell people that the work you do is really an artform and you won't even be lying.  The image below is the result of three hours of work in Photoshop.  Not the actual work, mind you, but the mouse map of all the movement and clicking that went on.

How about a map that is the result of hours of video game playing on a pc?  Say, three hours of the game Starcraft 3?  Okay.  Sure.

Art is everywhere, it seems.  Even in the mundane patterns of our life.  I find this more interesting than those networking maps that show a spherical translation of your Facebook friends and how often you contact them.  There are always the friends that end up on the outer reaches of your networking galaxy.  It makes you think too much about why and that takes you out of the abstract and into the literal.

This is -- in my opinion  -- more pure.  It's raw information transmuted into something more than drudgery. More than a meager paycheck.

More than seven mindless hours playing Skyrim.   And it's free, though donations are welcome.

Here's the website.  http://iographica.com/


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