Monday, January 30, 2012


Yes.  Men hate the retail store Anthropologie.  More specifically, they hate going inside.  They also hate waiting outside the store because their spouses and girlfriends enter and disappear into a time warp that makes them blissfully unaware the rest of the world still exists.

Is it the old-timey bars of soap?  The signs written in French that tell you where the bathroom is?  Maybe it's the lacy clothes that only your girlfriend's hippie aunt from Topanga would wear.  In the end, we hate it because of its effectiveness in drawing women like a super magnet.

I used to feel the same about the way the Williams-Sonoma store would lure women in with the promise the freshly baked pumpkin spice muffins, only to deliver overpriced kitchen tools and rosemary focaccia bread mixes that sit on the counter and never ever get made.

Damn you Anthropolgie.  Damn you and your Terracotta Chess Sets.  And damn your $2,100 painting easel with paint splotches already spattered on the wood.


  1. I hate that store with a passion and I'm a woman. What's with the incredibly ugly sweaters even my grandmother wouldn't wear? And selling them for $150?! thank you. If I wanted to look like a frumpy loser I'll just shop at the nearest thrift store and browse through some grandpa sweaters. At least thrift stores have the authentic musty smell...

  2. Actually I hate the store because it doesn't offer clothing for men and continues the trend that men can't have or appreciate unique or quirky articles of clothing. I rather enjoy going to the store with my girlfriend as the clothes are interesting and the furnishings unique, but in the end it leaves me slightly bitter and angry as nothing in that fashion is offered to the male consumer.