Monday, January 30, 2012


I have decided to start a new feature on the blog called Hipster Crime Beat.  It will shine a spotlight on idiotic things hipsters do.  I will endeavor to keep an eye open for new and annoying hipsters trends.

The first stop.  Bearded Beanies.

You all have permission to shoot me if I ever decide to wear one of these abominations.  If you can't grow a beard, then a fake one made of yarn is not going to help you look cool.

The theory behind this cutesy invention is facial warmth, but seeing them just makes me want to punch someone.  Still, I am probably in the minority here.  Plenty of people think this is a cool idea and will want to own their very own Bearded Beanie.

I won't stand in your way.  I won't stop you.  I will, however, reserve the right to make fun of you.  Click here for an assortment of way to toss away your self respect.


  1. Hey, don't knock it till you try it. They are awesome for winter sports. Much better then having your face frozen off, or a funky neck gator. My take, fun and functional.