Thursday, January 12, 2012


It's time that we all just admit that the Instagram application for iPhone and Android actually take mediocre cell phone pictures and transmutes them into horrible, ugly images.

I know people think it's kitschy and cool to take a photo on your smart phone that looks like it just fell out of your dusty old photo album from 1978, but the truth of the matter is, I've yet to see a photo posted from Instagram that's worth looking at.  I know no one wants to admit this, because its "cool" to put filters over your crappy phone pics, but why do we have such a strong nostalgia for old crap?

Not a bad picture.  Not a great one.   
Wow.  It feels like this picture was taken circa 2009. 

There's a reason Poloroid cameras are basically extinct.  They sucked.  No one expects a smart phone to take great pictures, but it never ceases to amaze me how the public is fooled into not just settling for mediocre, but praising it as something spectacular and new.

The only thing better than tomorrow is yesterday.
Look at my bedroom.  It's so vintage.
Wouldn't it be great if Instagram could take your crappy phone picture and make it better?  That would be awesome.  That would also be progress.  We only go backward in this world because nothing new is worth a good goddamn.


  1. Wow. You are quite the negative person... try looking at things with some vintage sunglasses on.

  2. He is a realistic person, Instagram is pure 100% solid gold shit !

  3. I guess Instagram wants to take ownership of all your pictures. That's lame.

  4. Yeah it's pretty shit. But then again it's made for camera the average dummy.

    We can't expect everyone to be good with a camera nor photoshop unless they themselves are in that field.

  5. Does that bed vibrate? What are those knobs for???