Saturday, January 14, 2012


Dear Lord, I feel.........shame.
Much like the faith healer that blames the parishioner's lack of faith for failing to heal them, we now must blame Tim Tebow's failure on his lack of faith.

For in as much as we are forced to believe that Tim Tebow's success on the gridiron is the result in his faith in the grey ghost in the sky, his failures, too must be attributed to his lack of faith.  Tom Brady and the New England Patriots thoroughly trounced the Denver Broncos 45-10,  in an embarrassing and savage manner that was both brutal and shall we say -- godless.

"Dear syrup god. Don't let it be blueberry.."
While it's true that I hate the New England Patriots more than I like the Denver Broncos, in part because of their success, also because I think Bill Belichick is smug and admittedly because Tom Brady is married to one of the most beautiful women in the world, I really wanted Denver to seal the deal.  I am a shameless lover of the downtrodden. Of the underdog.

This is not the first time that Tim Tebow has captured the imagination of the public for something other than his abilities on the field.  I think people love a good story.  They want to believe in something bigger than themselves.  I get it.  I wanted to believe, too.  Not that god was intervening on his behalf, but that he could give the Denver Broncos something that has eluded them for the last fourteen years.

Another Superbowl win.


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