Sunday, January 15, 2012


I'm sure you've seen the commercials.  The product that is supposed to Restore, Renew and Redesign ugly, stained grout lines.  All you have to do is run their product -- which looks suspiciously like a cross between a bingo marker and a Kiwi Scuff Magic shoe polish dispenser  -- over the offending grout lines and BAM!  Just like new -- your grout lines are transformed.

B-29, I-14, O-5
The problem, however, is that their product appears to be paint.  And bad paint, at that.  You have a choice of five colors.  White, tan, grey, black and terra-cotta.  After painting over your dirty grout lines, you wipe away the excess and nobody is supposed to know that you just white washed your tile.

Here's the thing.  If you tell me it's a cosmetic fix, that's fine.  If you say, "this is paint.  It will cover up your dirty, stained, moldy grout," then I say fine.  Just don't tell me it cleans and renews and redesigns.

Grout Bullshit, is more like it.

To makes things worse, dissatisfied customers are already posting on watchdog sites like to vent their frustration.  Aside from hating the product (sold for $10 + S&H), many are complaining of being charged $25 for shipping and handling alone.  All this for essentially what is a large bingo bottle of liquid paper.
I'm a sucker for innovation and inventive gadgets that can make my life easier.  I just hate products that don't even try to conceal the fact that they are full of shit.

Billy Mays is rolling over in his oxy clean filled casket.   I just know it!


  1. you are so right this product is crap and everyone should know it

  2. I thought that was a scam from the get go no stores even carry it even walmart