Tuesday, January 17, 2012


It's not exactly breaking news how different and strange comedian Carrot Top looks compared to when he started, but there is something fascinating about this guy.  His comedy has been relegated to a step above fart jokes -- that being "prop comedy."  See below for an example.

I can't stop.

Silly as it may be, he is a clever guy and his props do point to a sharp, inquisitive mind that sees things from a very unique perspective.  The question is why he chose to turn himself into a juicehead version of Ronald McDonald and allowed plastic surgery to change his face and body forever.

You wanna supersize, right?
Love me, daaaaaaddddy!
There is a sense that he might have felt he was not enough.  He needed more than just his props, so rather than change his act, he simply turned himself into a prop.  As freakish as the pumped up steroid muscles look, I am particularly disturbed by the over plucked eyebrows and the worked over face.  

Like my orange package?
Is it body dysmorphia?  Does he look in the mirror and still see that skinny guy from Chairman of the Board?  Maybe.  

Here's what he used to look like back in the day.  

Here's what he's looked like for a long time.

Here's what he looks like today.  Yikes.

And here's an example of his "prop" comedy.  


  1. It`s better to be this way then an "honest looking" working bee.

  2. he looks like the joker...

  3. yes he is a monster now
    he outed himself as donatella versace's brother
    he can join the rangs of mj and such