Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Pour one out for me, yo!

Lindsay Lohan's Playboy cover was leaked accidentally on purpose today. The pictures in the, er, spread, are said to be tasteful, but none of that really matters. She could be bending over with her cheeks spread and it wouldn't make one bit of difference. The sad truth is -- this is the last thing Lindsay has to show us. Her "fire crotch." After this, there is nothing left. Her red, freckled beaver is all that stands between our marginal interest in her and her complete self-annihilation. 

Nothing in life is free.
 Will she pull herself together? Will she stay clean and sober? Will any of this matter? The answer, sadly, is no. Seeing her naked body in overly touched up Playboy photos will sound the death knell for her. Once the world sees them, comments on them ad nauseum and subsequently casts them aside, she will have permission to pursue her demons in a final desperate whore lap.

It won't be pretty, but that's exactly how we like it.  He's the leaked cover in question.


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