Tuesday, February 28, 2012


McDonald's is introducing a new abomination to their menu.  It's a six dollar McBaguette.  It comes with two long burger slabs, swiss cheese, lettuce and mustard sauce on a crispy, er, baguette.  I'm going to guess that focus groups have determined that McDonald's customers are starting to acquire more sophisticated tastes.  This is probably their answer to that.  This is what they think their customers will see as outre and fancy.  It makes you wonder how stupid they think people are.  The answer is pretty stupid.  They stamp out pork byproduct in the shape of ribs and convince people they are eating southern food.

The McRib -- pre-sauce
Will the McBaguette show up at your local McDonald's chain?  Maybe.  1226 franchises will be testing this thing.  For a limited time only.  Then, if we're lucky, it will retreat back to France.  


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