Friday, December 2, 2011


Siri -- what's wrong?

Technological advancements be damned. The world is all abuzz with Siri, the voice recognition software on the new Apple iPhone 4s. Mostly, though, people are yelling into their phone to prove to everyone how useful this idiotic software is. As near as I can tell, Siri is great at finding Italian restaurants. Beyond that, it's a little iffy. It used to be annoying when the Bluetooth headset first came out. People wandering around talking to themselves, sometimes fooling you into believing they are talking to you. I'm not anti-technology. I just want technology that doesn't make me look like an idiot in public.  

Siri, why are you so cold?

Currently, there is a controversy over Siri's inability to find abortion clinics.  Does this mean that Siri is a right-wing religious pro-life advocate? Or is it just bad technology?  Besides, how many people are going to stand around and yell into their phone.... "Siri! Find me an abortion clinic! Siri! I need an abortion! Siri! Siri! I need to terminate a pregnancy!"

No -- wire -- HANNNNNGERS!
Maybe Siri just thinks we're dumb and this technology is here to prove it.


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