Sunday, December 11, 2011


Save me or you're a bad person.
The rise of social networking sites has given birth to a strange new kind of phenomenon. The Death Row Doggie. Now, before all of you death row doggie advocates get your muzzles bent out of shape, this is merely an observation. I love dogs. I do. Even the death row doggie. I love them more than the troops -- if that is even humanly possible.

You bite one kid's lip...

I think most people like dogs. They may not own one, but they like them. It is, however, undeniably depressing to be faced with one doomed pooch after another on my news feed. Truth be told, the death row doggie advocate is performing a service. So, I am not suggesting these kind of posts be stopped. If people want to try and save a Death Row Doggie that's fine with me.  If fact, adopt one immediately.  Maybe then the death row doggie will be a thing of the past...


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