Thursday, December 22, 2011


Meet Lucinda Clare a.k.a Mother -- a Los Angeles based Psychic that has graciously let 100 hundred blank t-shirts pass under her hands so she could use her "extraordinary psychic powers" to predict the future of the wearer.

"You're going on a long journey -- to the ATM."

Really?  Yeah, so she says.

These 100 shirts are on sale at her website, here, for the, eh, modest sum of £100. That's pounds. British sterling. With the current exchange rate that works out to be around $157.  All proceeds from the shirts are going to a charitable organization called Age UK which helps the aged and elderly in Great Britain.

I'm a sucker for a good marketing campaign and I guess it's for a good cause.  Apparently, she only has 30 shirts left so she must know something we don't.  So what kind of psychic message might we really expect?

"...but only after your check clears."
Sometimes we need a gimmick to feel giving and humanitarian.  I guess this fits the bill.


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