Thursday, February 23, 2012


There is a culinary apocalypse upon us and its name is Deep Fried Mac & Cheese!  I'm not against deep frying, but there is something evolutionarily out of step with this food abomination.  It's as if rich fatty cheese sauce and starchy pasta noodles aren't good enough so you have to bread them and dunk them in a vat of grease.

This has nothing to do with how good it tastes -- or bad.  It's just a bridge too far and everyone knows it.  Like it says in the good book.  A man shall not lay with macaroni and cheese as he lays with breaded fish sticks.

I feel like this takes us back a few steps.  Not so far back that we're eating our own shit, but you know -- close to that.  Maybe you think the idea of deep frying cubes of butter and Twinkies and Snicker's bars is fantastic, but that isn't helping your case.  It's out of step with evolution and therefore shall be categorized as -- CULINARY DEVO.  

Here, I can prove it.  I found an expert witness to support my claims.  



  1. Clearly you haven't devolved enough, to bring you to the cavemantastic point of actually TASTING the deep fried deliciousness. Eat them and you will come! And THAT, my friend, is all about survival of the species. And THAT is evolutionary!

  2. But I LOVE fried mac & cheese wedges!!!

  3. I would love to try mac and cheese fried need some good recipes!!!

  4. I came here for a recipe and got a crappy article instead.