Tuesday, February 7, 2012


A new and disturbing evil has emerged and its name is NECK BEARD.  Yes, hipsters were not satisfied with merely donning an ironic moustache or mutton chop.  A new trend has men growing facial hair solely on their necks.  The result is often creepy and unsettling.

Maybe the neck beard community is finally coming together in a new and interesting way.  Maybe they stand for something important and the rest of us just aren't hip to it.  Maybe, just maybe, they want the world to know they aren't like everyone else.  They're special.   

Maybe they're just lazy.

There are some rules.  I think neck beard is okay if it is in fact and ancillary part of your existing, conventional beard.  The issue is the exclusive growing of the neck beard as an entity all on it's own.  

Just, you know -- stop it.  Thanks in advance.


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