Friday, February 10, 2012


There is no question that Guy Fieri has attracted a lot of attention for his wild hair, his penchant for using the word "money" and the douche-y way he wears his sunglasses on the back of his head.

As a reasonable person, I have to assume that this is just his TV persona and that he is less of a douche in real life.  Well, it seems I would be wrong.

It's not a new story, but David Page, Fieri's producer on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives accused the Food Network Star of some pretty sleazy behavior.  Here's a short list of things he had to say.

"You have to protect Guy from all of his poop jokes," Page says. 

"Anytime any woman mentioned 'cream,' Guy went into a sexual riff. 

When cutting the show, you had to tell the editors to watch Guy's eye line, because it's always on breasts." 

Fieri also needed protection from homosexuals, or at least advance warning. 

Early in the show's run, Page got a phone call from Fieri, who'd just walked out of a restaurant in a huff. "Guy had decided that the two men running the restaurant were life partners," Page remembers. "He said, 'You can't send me to talk to gay people without warning! Those people weird me out!'" 

"[Fieri's team] were demanding tremendous research from my people, and pictures, but they didn't want to pay for them," Page says. "Guy said to me: 'You know, it's true: Jews are cheap.'" 

None of this is surprising when you just -- well -- when you look at him.  He looks like the kind of douchebag that would act this way.  Like an overly excited day player on the set of the movie Swingers.  The more successful the TV show became, the ore his TV persona swagger started to come forward into the real world.

I guess I would be lying if I said I was a fan.  I just think the guy is a clown.


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