Thursday, February 16, 2012


Living in Los Angeles means driving a car.  Driving a car means dealing with traffic.  Dealing with traffic means parking your car.  Parking your car means paying for valet.

My question is...  Where are they hiding my car?

Here's a scenario that happens to thousands of Los Angelenos every day.  You decide to you want to go to that hip new restaurant that serves you a mojito in a thin gelatin membrane that explodes in your mouth with you eat it.

Mojito membrane
So, you drive around looking for parking.  You circle the block, waiting for a space to open.  You check the open spaces only to discover they are permit only areas.  You eventually decide if you're going to make your 7:15 reservation, you will need to valet.

So, you drive up to the valet and they immediately take your car and drive off with it, no questions asked. There is no huge empty parking lot next to the restaurant where your car is being taken to.  They simply drive away in your car.

Then, after enjoying your overpriced meal, you step out onto the sidewalk to the valet stand.  A different man takes your ticket and runs off down the street to retrieve your car.  Different valets run in different directions, so you have to know there is more than one secret stash for our vehicles.  Where do they go?

To what hidden dimension do they travel to retrieve our cars?  I, for one, am stumped.  It is one of the great mysteries of Los Angeles.  It's up there with the great Pink's Hot Dog mystery.  That's the one where thousands line up daily for a mediocre hotdog that neither satisfies you nor ranks in the top ten hotdogs you've ever eaten in your life.


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